Lawrence Restaurant

Best Places for Brunch in Montreal

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With the exceptional scenery and bustling atmosphere of Montreal, dining over a delicious brunch will make for a memorable experience worth returning for. After trying some of the best restaurants in the city, it’ll become a favorite activity and meal.

Restaurant l'Avenue

1. Restaurant l’Avenue

Both travelers and locals visit Restaurant l’Avenue just for the brunch, even with the long wait at times. This Montreal restaurant serves traditional classics like scrumptious stacks of French toast with caramel sauce to fancier fancier favorites like the “Sucre Sale” eggs benedict. The side fresh of fruit is ripe and delicious, with fun drinks full of plenty of flavor.

For customer favorites, try the eggs benedict with salmon, the fruit kabob, and chorizio sausage for a delicious experience. Their fruit cocktails are made fresh and will perfectly complete any meal on the menu.

2. Lawrence Restaurant

This modern restaurant is small in size, but big in taste. The brunch has a British twist, with breakfast sandwiches and breakfast rolls. Their donuts are also made fresh to order and come with different flavors of moist fillings. Unique options at the Lawrence Restaurant include the squid salad, scrambled eggs with smoked trout, and juice breakfast cocktails. The presentations of the plates are impressive, making for both a delicious and entertaining establishment.

Lawrence Restaurant

3. The Sparrow

Known as one of the most talked about Montreal restaurants in the area, The Sparrow impresses its patrons with superb apple cakes, pork belly und sauerkraut with kielbasa, steak and eggs, and eggs florentine with smoked salmon. Some of their sides include applesauce, homemade tater tots, biscuits, and tortilla chips with guacamole.

Their decor is hip and edgy with quirky elements that includes vintage chairs and brick walls, along with an L-shaped couch where you can relax. The stained glass window displayed completes the decor for a unique and fun atmosphere.

The Sparrow

4. Prohibition Montreal

For something out of the ordinary, Prohibition Montreal offers twists on favorites that include lemon-ricotta pancakes with blueberries, the triple chocolate pretzel cookie, sugar bacon, and challah french toast and fried chicken. This Montreal restaurant attracts foodies worldwide who love the cuisine that is a bit out of the ordinary, but nice for a change. Everything is made fresh to order with wholesome ingredients and large portions.

A beautiful grand piano sits as the centerpiece of the establishment, set in a modern and comfortable location that avoids being too fussy.

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refrigerator repair

Should You Call a Repairman?

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Homeowners can sometimes be confused about whether or not they must call a repairman when their appliances malfunction. Answering this question requires that people consider their personal skills when it comes to fixing a variety of malfunctions, as well as whether or not their appliances have warranties on them. Many people find that they can fix minor issues with their stoves, ovens, refrigerators, dryers, and other major appliances. Other times, it is better for them to call a repairman.

dryer repair

Any appliance repair requires that people have a working knowledge of a machine’s components. They also should know how to handle basic hand tools, such as a pair of screwdrivers, a hammer, and a wrench. With these basic skills, people may be able to fix minor issues, such as leaky valves, loosened screws, and missing clamps. These problems can be quickly fixed without having to call a repairman.

However, more significant problems often require the professional assistance of a repair contractor. Larger issues, such as low Freon levels in air conditioners and freezers, malfunctioning motors, and heating elements that no longer activate when the appliance is turned on, can take skills that most homeowners do not have. Rather than try to fix these problems on their own and risk the future usability of their appliances, people are advised to call professionals who are trained to handle these major tasks.

refrigerator repair

When people buy warranties, their appliances may come with warranties on them. These warranties are valid for a year or so after the initial purchase date. During that time, when an appliance malfunctions, people may be required to call a repair service rather than try any appliance repair tasks on their own. Any attempts to fix an appliance on their own could void the warranty altogether. When an appliance suffers even a small repair issue, people who have warranties on their appliances may be urged to call professionals. Doing otherwise could invalidate the warranty coverage and require that people pay for future repairs out-of-pocket.

Calling a repairman may also be necessary when the appliance is not yet paid for in full. When someone still owes an amount on credit for the appliance, it often is in that individual’s best interest to call a professional repair service. Trying to fix the issues on one’s own could cause further damage or leave this person owing money on a machine that no longer works.

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Retirement the other name of Freedom

Est-il encore possible de prendre une retraite anticipée ?

Notre système de retraite n’est pas si vieux, puisque le régime général pour l’ensemble des salariés du secteur privé a commencé à se mettre en place dès la fin de la seconde guerre mondiale, en 1945. Mais les pensions résultant de ce régime étaient insuffisantes et dès 1947, dans certaines professions, des régimes de retraite complémentaire ont commencé voir le jour. En 1972, ces régimes complémentaires deviennent obligatoires dans toutes les professions, c’est pourquoi aujourd’hui, la retraite obligatoire, fondée sur le principe de la répartition est la somme de la retraite de base et d’une retraite complémentaire.

Retired Couple Walking Along

Sachant que dans notre système de retraite par répartition, ce sont les cotisations des actifs qui permettent de financer les pensions des retraités, on est en droit de se demander pendant combien de temps encore cela sera possible. La tendance étant de rallonger le temps de cotisation et donc de repousser l’âge de départ à la retraite, est-il encore possible aujourd’hui d’envisager de prendre une retraite anticipée ?

Alors oui, c’est possible, mais à la condition de s’y préparer longtemps à l’avance pour se constituer une épargne suffisante et dynamique, grâce à laquelle vous pourrez vivre décemment jusqu’à l’âge normal de votre retraite et augmenter ensuite votre pension par ce complément de revenus. En effet, il ne faut pas oublier qu’un départ anticipé à la retraite vous fera perdre un certain nombre de trimestres de cotisation et vous empêchera inéluctablement de toucher une retraite à taux plein.


Cela demande de la discipline, dès le début de votre activité professionnelle vous devez surveiller et limiter vos dépenses afin d’augmenter votre capacité d’épargne et de commencer très vite à vous constituer un capital. Puis il faut chercher à faire fructifier ce capital en diversifiant le plus possible vos investissements. Les meilleures pistes après l’achat de votre lieu d’habitation sont l’immobilier locatif en cherchant à bénéficier au maximum des possibilités de défiscalisation, la constitution d’un plan épargne retraite, mais aussi en investissant en bourse, dans des placements en actions et obligations suffisamment diversifiés pour limiter autant que faire se peut les risques.

Retirement the other name of Freedom

En résumé, si prendre une retraite anticipée vous tente, commencez par analyser votre mode de vie pour trouver toutes les pistes d’économies possibles, mettez en place un système d’épargne performant sur le long terme et n’hésitez pas à vous faire conseiller par un professionnel de la finance.

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WoMag Best of Worcester - Sprout = Best Florist!

A Quick Review of What’s New in Washing Machines for 2012

Because of the new technology and advances in design, top-loading washing machines have become just as competitive with front loading washers. For a long time, front-loaders have been ahead of top-loaders when it comes to features and performance. Of course you had to pay more for the better front-loading machines. This is one reason you need to spend some time shopping around. Get online and look at your options. Do your comparison shopping, read reliable review sites, and look for user feedback when possible. Here’s a great tip: go to Amazon, do a search for a specific washing machine model you’re interested in, and read what people who’ve bought it are saying.

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If you really want to save money on your energy bills, and have a great washer, the LG WT5101HV washer might be the one to get. It is actually a very expensive machine coming in at $1159. It’s a bit pricey, but definitely worth it. If you use cold water, or warm, you are still going to get your clothes clean. By avoiding warm water cycles, you can save money on heating your water. If you need to wash a large comforter, no problem! The large drum will let you do this. People will like the fact that the LG WT5101HV does not come with an agitator, which is something many try to avoid. Maytag washing machines score well consistently among industry reviewers and users. In fact, the Maytag MVWB850W is highly rated. This particular Maytag washer is available in several colors: red, white, silver, and black. Maytag paid a lot of attention to the user interface control area and it’s laid out very well and practical. Its tempered glass lid is very stylish, and this is what makes a lot of people decide to buy the washer. This Maytag top-loading washing machine has a 14-cycle count and has a capacity of 4.0 cubic feet. It also carries the Energy Star logo, so this washer will save you money on energy.

The LG WM2240CW has a slightly bigger capacity than the previous two washers mentioned. This front-loading washer has 3.7 cubic feet load but only 7 cycles. LG took the time to add some style and design with this model. It also bests some of the washers available. It’s also an energy efficient machine, sporting the Energy Star logo. Some people also like the fact that this machine plays a nice chime tune when it’s done with the washing cycle. The LG WM2240CW’s tub is constructed of stainless steel, similar to other washers. The tempered glass lid is one of the neat features you’ll see in many washers today. These features may likely be an after-thought for washer makers. But for you, the consumer, you’ll pay more for this type of feature and others that have similarly less practical reasons for existing. One of the better and more practical features you’ll find in washing machines in 2012 is the sensing technology. You’ll want a washer that have sensing features because it means it’s energy efficient and you’ll save money in the long run.

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